Craft is the leading retailer of all types of Sports clothing, specialising in cycling and running gear.

Swedish brand CRAFT is the pioneer of functional apparel for serious athletes. Since 1977 CRAFT has devoted itself to developing innovative clothing built to withstand extreme requirements in all conditions. CRAFT works closely with its many sponsored athletes and national teams with strong involvement in cross-country skiing, biking, and running. Constantly working on the optimisation of innovative material and construction technologies.  Craft focuses on designing the highest performance gear layers from functional underwear to keep you cool and dry right through to lightweight breathable Alpine Down jackets. Craft is the ideal training and competition gear for all activities year-round
I am very appreciative of the support from Craft.  To date they have supplied me with clothing for various Sports and Events – from representing Wales in Rugby, climbing Kilimanjaro, and competing in UKBFF and WBFF Bodybuilding And Fitness Competitions also everyday Personal Training and Class instructing.
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ENRITSCH, a social enterprise aimed at enritsch-ing people’s lives, operate the region’s largest community health and wellness platform, More than 480,000 people seeking emotional, mental, physical or spiritual improvement in their lives visit the platform each year. They also serve as a lighthouse for the health and wellness industry, helping to market the services of thousands of health and wellness companies. Through their strategic partnerships and network they are expanding their reach as part of their goal to have helped 2 million people by 2020.


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