12 Weeks of Babyandme

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(COVID 50% discount) Lose weight, tone your muscles and have fun with your baby!

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Are you a new mum that wants to kick-start your health and fitness journey whilst having fun with your baby?

I completely underestimated how much time is needed to dedicate to our little ones each day and how little opportunity there is for us new mums to workout and feel confident and happy in our new body.

I have been teaching Babyandme to New-mums for the last THREE years and have designed and developed the perfect workout program “12 weeks of Babyandme’’

This Game-Changer of a program includes over 200 video demonstrations and an easy to follow weekly schedule in the comfort of your own home, garden or playmat!

The workouts are suitable for ALL abilities and include an aerobic warmup and basic exercises such as Squats, Bridges and Planks with a fun element added and focuses on strengthening the whole body with functional exercises specifically for Motherhood!

Rehabilitate your body, Boost energy levels and develop strength and fitness while you bond with your little one!

I love working out with my children and I hope you get as much fun out of it too!

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