Staying strong through your Pregnancy Trimesters

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Should pregnant women lift?

Absolutely! I am excited to share with you all the benefits that Resistance training will bring to your Pregnant body as you journey through your Pregnancy Trimesters.

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This downloadable document includes;

  • The benefits of strength training through Pregnancy
  • Safe strength training guidelines to consider in each Trimester
  • 5 Strength exercises to benefit your body in all three trimesters (Including TVA connection breathing to keep your core strong and Glute activation and strengthening)
  • For Athletes – How to Squat and Deadlift safely throughout your Trimesters. (Preparing the body , performing your sets and bringing the body back to pre-exercise state.)

I hope my Strength training guide provides you with everything you need to know and that you continue to LIFT safely and confidently throughout your Pregnancy trimesters.


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