Menstrual symptom tracker



I’ve realized over the span of my personal health journey and experience coaching clients how much our menstrual cycle changes how we feel, how we look, how we eat at different phases of our cycle.   

Having tracked my cycle for a good few years now I’ve come to feel so empowered to know how my body is typically responding in the different phases of my menstrual cycle each month and be able to use these patterns for my advantage to yield greater results in my nutrition, training and performance.

I’ve put together a 9 page document to help you optimize YOUR Training and Nutrition around your menstrual cycle. 

This document includes;

‘6 Actions you can implement right away’

‘4 Workout Suggestions’

‘6 Nutritional Suggestions’

’Three month A-Z Menstrual symptom tracker’ with room for monthly feedback and findings.


Product Description

As your hormones shift throughout your cycle the tracker is going to help you pay attention to patterns that will clue you in to making choices that are right for you so that you can honor your emotional and physical state and adjust your training, nutrition and monthly program accordingly to your advantage bringing you greater body awareness, increased consistency in training, a healthier eating pattern and greater results.

This WILL BE an incredibly helpful tool on your fitness journey, in fact this will be a GAME CHANGER.

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