Babyandme program for New-Mums



Are you a New Mum that wants to bounce back to pre-pregnancy shape, tone your muscles and feel confident in your body shape whilst having fun with your your little one?

This program is perfect for you if

` Your keen to bounce back into shape
` You want to restrengthen your abdominal muscles
` You want to boost those energy levels
` You want a program that is safe and also effective
` You want to improve your posture
` You want to have fun with your baby whilst getting fit and strong!

Product Description

Our new and exciting chapter as a new mum can also feel overwhelming and busy! ‘Working out’ can easily fall to the bottom of our priority list and can seem daunting to even think about leaving baby and attending the gym or a workout class. I felt exactly the same! Which is why I’ve created a simple downloadable program for New Mums, providing you with three short and simple workouts to follow safely and confidently with your little one without worrying about leaving the house or waiting for baby to nap.

EMOM – Ten minute workout for busy New Mums

A Circuit consisting of 5 exercises you can do whilst holding your baby

A Circuit of 4 exercises you can do on the mat with your baby


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