Fitforlife Glute Bands



Women, whatever their shape, size or ability are STRONG and POWERFUL. 

I’m here to equip and empower you to be even STRONGER.  

 I’m OBSESSED with Glute resistance bands and have been using them for years. I’ve tried tons of different types and always have issues with slipping, rolling, and snapping! 

My Fitforlife Glute bands come with a program to follow including PDF and video demonstrations.


**The bands are made to not roll, tear or fold, and they come in a cute waterproof zip-lock bag

✔️Machine washable!

Using the bands regular will Improve your form, posture, performance and physique.


Product Description

Having Strong and well-functioning Glutes RULE.  Whether they are big or small, if your glutes are strong they will also be round and shapely and make sitting, standing and any lifting movements easier.  The glutes also play a vital role in maintaining a good alignment and posture and a major role in pelvic floor and core health.

Strengthening our glutes also means less risk of placing the strain on our lower back, knees, hips and pelvic floor leading to injuries and pain.

**Only available in Uk and UAE**

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