5 Symptoms to expect in your Second Trimester.

Congratulations on managing your Trimester 1 symptoms.

Here’s to saying goodbye to morning sickness, hello to more energy and a welcome to our beautiful baby kicks! Most pregnant women and mothers I have spoken to say Trimester 1 is the toughest and it is downhill from here! In Trimester 2, hormones are also a lot more stable and this means the end of a lot of the Trimester 1 symptoms.

Our public announcement has usually been made by now and the excitement is even greater! Trimester 2 is the perfect time to remind ourselves of the miracle that is happening inside you and how much of an incredible job you are doing growing your little human. Continue to embrace your bodily changes that comes with this miraculous journey, exercise regularly for all the mum and baby benefits and continue to radiate that beauty inside of you.

Not all women will experience all the symptoms of pregnancy that I explore and certainly, the intensity, timing and frequency of symptoms will vary between women and even between successive pregnancies; after all, we are as unique in our bodies and minds as the little humans we bring into this word.

I am not providing medical advice.  If you are at concerned about any of the symptoms I discuss below or anything else that you experience in your unique journey, please consult a medical professional.


Weight gain

Symptom: You will probably experience more weight gain, and this will likely be the time when you will start to need maternity clothes. You may also notice continued growth in your breasts as they prepare for breastfeeding once the baby is born. They will most likely not be as sore as they were during Trimester 1. The weight gain will differ depending on if your underweight/normal/overweight starting your pregnancy and of course morning sickness/appetite changes/hormones/activity levels all make a difference to this.

My personal experience:  There were days I would feel like a big whale and days where I felt like a super fit pregnant mum!  I gained around 20kg in my Pregnancy, which is over the average amount of weight gained during pregnancy, as long as I was exercising daily, I felt good.  I would start feeling little aches and pains here and there if I didn’t move enough during the day so I had to keep moving!

Suggestions: Pregnancy can make the fittest of us conscious of our size and steal away our pregnancy joy.  There is not a ‘right’ amount of weight to put on. Remember that all body-types are different and weight gain differs from woman to woman.  

Being pregnant requires that we gain weight and maternal body fat, which is healthy and necessary but we will gain LESS unnecessary fat if we exercise throughout our pregnancy. *Walking and swimming are exercises you can do without instruction.

Balance regular exercise with Nutrition and ensure that what you eat is nutritious and adequate for you as a mother and the needs of your growing baby.  You will feel much healthier and happier andhave more self-confidence as your body continues to change through your Pregnancy.


Baby Kicking

Symptom: One of the most exciting things about Trimester 2 is feeling your baby move. This usually happens for the first time between weeks 16 and 25 of pregnancy.

My personal experience: I think I first felt baby move around week 16 and it started with little fluttering movements! You can feel baby having a good stretch out and kick around!’ It’s one of most exciting milestones for sure!  I would also panic in the later stages if I didn’t feel my baby kick, so I would eat a table spoon of peanut butter and would soon feel her kicking again!

Suggestions: This can be a little alarming the first time you feel the sensation but there is really nothing to worry about. I suggest you sit back, relax and enjoy your little one making its presence known. You may find some days your little one is kicking all the time and others not so much, this is normal.  If you don’t feel your little one kick in the later stages for a long period of time it may be a good idea to go and see your Physician just to be on the safe side.


Skin changes

Symptom: The bloom or glow of pregnancy is not a myth. Skin retains more moisture during pregnancy which plumps it up and smooths out any fine lines or wrinkles! On the flip side, skin change symptoms can also include, Linea Alegra; stretch marks; varicose veins; pigmentation; skin tags.

My personal experience: My face looked a lot younger during pregnancy and everyone said I was glowing and that Pregnancy suited me. I also suffered with quite a lot of skin tags, especially on my neck and my skin was a lot more sensitive (in the hairdressers and getting waxed) and also in the sun.  I found my tan doubled for the time spent sunbathing, so I had to be a lot more careful and use a stronger ‘pregnancy safe’ sun protection.

Suggestions: If you experience changes in your skin remember that its more than likely just a temporary change during pregnancy, use a stronger sun protection if you travel abroad or live in a hot country and enjoy having a fresh-faced pregnancy glow!



Symptom: Heart burn can occur in Trimester 1 but it tends to be worse during Trimester 2. Heartburn is caused by the contents of the stomach backing up via the esophageal sphincter. The primary cause of this problem is that you may not be digesting your food well and irritating the sphincter. The sphincter can be aggravated by certain foods, the extra pressure of the growing belly, a lack of stomach acid, or additional stress.

My personal experience: I took digestive enzymes every day in both Pregnancy’s which may have helped me escape any heartburn. I did occasionally get mild heart burn and stopped eating big meals before bed time which really helped.

Suggestions: If you want to consider supplements, for example, digestive enzymes, speak to your health care practitioner first, they may advise something to stimulate stomach acid production such as apple cider vinegar. Enjoying smaller meals more often could also be beneficial as well as making sure you ‘rest to digest’.


Energy increase

Symptom: Goodbye fatigue! In Trimester 2 chances are you will experience less problems with hormones as the quantity of them will start to moderate. You will likely feel more alert and readier to start back a regular exercise routine.  If you are new to exercise, there is no better time to start. For some guidance on where to start see my previous blog

My personal experience: As a Pre-natal trainer I had plenty of confidence and knowledge work-out safely and tailor my workouts to bring benefits to my pregnant body. Energy levels were a lot higher after exercise so I would try and start the day with a workout.  I was able to continue a session for around 45-60 mins in the second Trimester and I was comfortable squatting and deadlifting 80% of my maximum lift.  However, I had much less energy for cardio vascular fitness and unless I booked myself into a class I just couldn’t push myself to do it alone.  More information on my personal exercise routine during my first pregnancy will be found here.

Suggestions: It’s so important to continue to lift, bend and carry during pregnancy to prepare ourselves for all the bending and lifting as a new mum, whether it be carrying car seats, pram folding, baby carrying, baby changing, laundry lifting, picking up dropped toys and snacks.  If you took some time off during the first Trimester start back with some gentle walking, swimming or cycling and start thinking about attending pre-natal exercise classes or booking with a pre-natal trainer to take you through some simple resistance exercises that will prepare you for motherhood, help you stay pain free during your pregnancy, prepare your body for an easier labor, a quicker birth and a faster recovery.


Trimester 2 is the perfect time to remind yourself of how much of an incredible job you are doing growing your little human. Continue to embrace your bodily changes that comes with this miraculous journey, exercise regularly for all the mum and baby benefits and continue to find joy in the precious moments pregnancy brings.

I hope that my suggestions help you recognize and handle some of the Trimester 2 symptoms and I would love to know of any tips that you found helped manage your symptoms and hear how your journey through the Trimesters is going for you! If you are concerned about any of the symptoms you are experiencing or anything else that worries you please consult a medical professional.

Here’s to Trimester 3, a time of great joy as you prepare for the birth of your beautiful baby!