Sleep Training Struggles

This one’s for any other Mums (or dads) who are struggling with sleep deprivation whilst trying desperate to sleep train their little ones 👶😴

YOU. ARE. DOING. REALLY. WELL! Even if nobody else, including yourself thinks so, you ARE! This isn’t easy atl. On the contrary it is tough; really really tough!

For me personally, clocking in adequate sleep has been one of the hardest parts of parenting. Being sleep deprived can completely exhaust you, turn around your personality, thoroughly drain your energy and can potentially take away all possible enjoyment that perhaps you looked forward to in the day ahead.

I’ve felt like a walking zombie lately….

And just when you think you’re getting somewhere with “them” sleeping in their own cots and rooms, they go through a sleep regression, or are struck down by a fever, or the routine is thrown off because of a vacation and travel and suddenly they’re terrified of the travel cot and hey presto! They are back in your bed AGAIN. 

It feels like you’re  back to square one, washed out and anguished for merciful sleep to overtake you but, you continue to sooth them with singing and shhhhing, feeding them milk after milk to help them fall asleep in their own bed and last the whole night without mummy’s caressing care.  

That constant awaking upon awaking from crying can be torturous and feel wretched on those heartstrings. Your hearts is perpetually in your throat and in the end you are dog-tired fatigued. Your  5am alarm looms in the near future and you crawl back into the teeniest sliver of space in your bed, sleeping on your face or sideways so you have just enough room not to fall off the edge.(FYI it was 1am last night this happened and 11:30pm the night before)

And there you lie, obsessing and overthinking about how much time you wasted away in soothing when ultimately in the end you gave in anyway.  

I am evolved enough to admit where we went wrong — with consistency and Consistency is 🔑 key!  We faltered by allowing a two week span of her sleeping in our bed whilst on vacation! 

Prior to our holiday she slept for 7 months peacefully and beautifully through the night 🙈 Now we live in hope she will return to her old habits and will settled down into her routine soon by sleeping through the night in her own room sans tears and only one bottle of milk.

Keep it up Mum 👊🏽 You are doing a GOOD job. It will all pay off when they are sleeping soundly through the night again. You’ll have a well rested child and a well rested self and hubby.

Remember that in those difficult hours of twilight and ploughing through knowing it won’t last forever.

Hopefully I will get at least one solid month of sufficient and deep sleep  before our little baby boy arrives 🙏🙏 A mum can only hope 😉