Fight your way to Triumph

Life is like being in a boxing ring. You never know where the next blow is coming from or when it will arrive.

Boxing, as is life, is so unpredictable. I learnt so much from my White collar boxing fight a few years ago.(see Video link below)

(Whether or not you think women should box, I don’t really care, i came out of the ring just as feminine!)
There were many things I learnt which are so applicable to the battles we face in life.
One minute you have the upper hand, the next your standing back against the ropes getting the crap beaten out of you.

Strength coach, martial artist, and top trainer Alwyn Cosgrove likes a metaphor of learning how to take a punch.

“When you’re learning how to fight, and someone throws a punch at you, your first instinct, of course, is to duck backwards. But this is the worst thing to do. It throws you off balance and exposes your entire front side to attack. As counter-intuitive as it sounds, you actually want to block and close the distance — to go into the punch.” (quote from Precision Nutrition)

When life is difficult
– Keep your guard up.
– Stay in control under pressure.
– Stay strong on your feet at all times.
– Do not instantly react to a big hit or knock back, but step back, set yourself up, remain calm and look for the opening.
– Embrace the challenge and go into the punch
– Listen to your corner, and to those who support you, sometimes you need to listen to others that can see things from a better position.
Life can be Tough, but we must keep fighting.
Be of good character and Never give up and when that bell rings your arms can be raised in triumph.

White Collar boxing 2012 – Vale Hotel 

Rhian Adams v Marina Schaefer (highlights- trim.96643E5C-C8B9-4A34-A3C9-083E0BBE3E02)

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