Just an update from me….

5 months since my ‘handstand incident’ ruined my knee..(I will never do a handstand again!!) Finally small improvements! …basically I have a piece of frayed scar tissue from an operation on my ACL six years ago, the scar tissue is catching as I bend my knee, hence pain allll the time! I’ve done a little cycling this week and some real light Deadlifts, and I’m experiencing some ‘painless’ patches so that’s good!!

I’m being very patient and i don’t have to battle against it affecting my mood any more, haha As much as I hated it initially I have loved the challenge an injury brings…it’s all good for character development..! And it’s helped me realise a few things, try a few new things, tighten up my dietary intake and it’s brought my love for swimming back (almost) Bring on Summer! #fitandhealthy

Remember guys and gals it WILL be sooo worth it ….continue to work hard at improving your lifestyle!

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