Daamani Shrivastav

Dubai 2015

Rhian Adams is not just my Personal Trainer. To me, she’s my friend. One who listens to me when she can sense I want to talk. One who holds me up when I feel like I’m slipping. One who draws out from me strength that I myself am not aware of. One who cheers me on through every little hurdle – be it a deep leg squat or a bicep curl or small victories in my personal life.

I have always been very very focused and committed to leading and living a healthy and fit lifestyle but Rhian has helped me take it to another level. And I can’t deny that it does have something to do with her sunny positivity and that gorgeous smile she flashes at me every morning when I meet her at my gym. I find myself impatiently waiting to train with her and it’s because in between reps we chat and talk about everything from music to food to fashion to gossip. Her Welsh accent is so warm and familiar and reminds me of the 5 years I spent and lived in sunny ol’ (not a chance!)  Wales 😉

She is a massive driving force in my existence today and I wonder if she’s even knows?! That’s the beauty about Rhian – the girl isn’t aware of herself and it’s because her sole aim and purpose is to uplift others and make a difference. This girl has changed my life both physically and mentally and for that I am eternally grateful.  I have always been slim but today I am slender, lean and HELLA STRONG ! I am today at my very peak of fitness levels and guess what? With Rhian that’ll only go higher and higher and higher. As she says to me so very often …. Onwards & Upwards 😉
— Dr Daamini Shrivastav