The challenges awaiting the ageing woman

So following on my previous Blog on ‘Identity’ I decided to write a short blog on the unique challenges awaiting the aging woman.

Imagine waking up one morning to find your eyes look half closed even when they are open.  Your once toned abs are replaced with something squishy that has to be tucked in under a bodysuit.  Imagine suddenly realising that your thighs almost create sparks as you walk or swinging bingo wings when you raise your arms.  Maybe you don’t have to imagine it, maybe you can completely relate to it.

We can age FAR more gracefully with a healthy lifestyle.  It’s never too late to start moving more, eating better, and taking more care of your health and wellbeing, and in turn influencing those in your family to do so also.

I’ve been around the fitness industry for 10-12 years now, seeing people start from scratch having done no exercise before (or since being made to in high school!) to regular gym goers and clean eaters to fitness fanatics, and as you can guess those who make an effort to improve their health are emotionally and physically better as a result. Physical exercise is the best means currently available for delaying and preventing the consequences of aging and improving health and wellbeing.

So why aren’t we making more of an effort? How is life sooo busy?  How do we find the time to fit it in?”

As women all responsibilities seem to be in our hands! Whether it’s getting the kids up, getting them dressed and ready for school, cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing, visiting/looking after the parents, taxi servicing your child (and everyone elses’ kids!) to football practice….We always seem to be looking after other people but who takes care of you?

“ill get up at 5am I’ll do the ironing while everyone is in bed, put another wash on, shower myself, wake the kids up, make their breakfast, wash up, then I’ll wake the husband and leave for work…sound familiar? At this point you already know your routine following ‘clocking out from the office.’  And gosh if something comes up it has a complete knock on effect to the rest of the night!!

‘Mam I need to make a paper mache castle for school tomorrow’


It’s no surprise that the first thing to go is our workout or our food prep.

You see sometimes it’s not what we have to do but the attention, planning and thinking that goes into organising each and every day.  Mums spend twice as much time with their kids than dads, and with everything else it’s no wonder we get exhausted and drained.

We love it, it’s rewarding, it’s our role as a parent and wife right?

Before we know it our child leaves home at 17, you look in the mirror one day and “crikey! where did that come from?” you’re the heaviest you have ever been, your cholesterol and blood pressure is high, your back aches, your posture is shocking, your shattered reaching the top of the stairs and your wardrobe varies from clothes size 8 to size 18.  This is usually the point where I get a phone call.

It isn’t the ‘be all and end all’ BUT It is important to look after ourselves, if we are happier and healthier, and more energetic we will be better for those around us, we won’t snap so easily when the kids ask for a sleepover, or get so stressed when the husband didn’t do his allocated chore this week!…and yes when we are stressed where do we turn? FOOD. CHOCOLATE….WINE….

You will find that giving time to yourself may be difficult if your life has revolved around taking care of everyone else, you may even feel guilty for allowing yourself time to focus on what you need and want, but its important we do, we only get one chance, one body, one set of lungs, and ONE life!

This quote sums it up!   “Get your own Oxygen mask on before anyone else’s, if you haven’t got your own air to run off then you can’t take care of others.”

Weight training, fitness, eating healthily will certainly enable us to age with a far more pleasing physique than we would otherwise.  I have clients in their 50’s and 60’s and they are adamant they are the fittest and happiest they have ever felt and it is so inspiring watching them transform.

What were they like when they first came to me or first started making a difference to themselves? That’s another story…

It’s never too late….If you would like help on how to get started, contact me via the ‘Contact tab’ on my website or on my athlete page ‘Rhian Adams Athlete’

Be blessed!