Top 5 INBA Fitness Philosophy speech

The video below is from The INBA Worlds, the Top 5 were required to do a speech on their philosophy In Fitness.
I grew up PETRIFIED of public speaking, never EVER would I put my hand up in class at School to answer a question or speak confidently if there was more than two people around me. Now not only am I leading big crowds of people through their training every day but Here I am on stage speaking about my passion to inspire others and help people become better in all aspects of their lives.
This was a big achievement for me, my legs were still shaking and my voice was still quivering but I DID IT.
It goes to show that with faith and courage we can overcome any fear that we may have.
#secondplace #welshaccent #nofear #faith #confidence #fitnessphilosophy #freedom #passion #knowyourpurpose

“Fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in the way of progress.”

“Let your faith be bigger than your fears”

“It’s hard not to be afraid but it’s harder to live in fear”

#secondplace #welshaccent #nofear #faith #confidence #fitnessphilosophy #freedom #passion #knowyourpurpose

Video link – trim.88909798-64CA-4F7D-B9B7-2E830F3969EA