I met Rhian for our first PT session around five years ago. After having tested out a few trainers in Dubai, I was taken aback by Rhian’s professionalism. She is always at the gym waiting for me ahead of our scheduled slot, always has a positive attitude, and has clearly put in the time to plan our sessions. She checks in on my activity levels, eating habits and general mental health and tailors the work we put in each week accordingly. As a former athlete, I was always of the mindset that to see results you must push yourself 100% of the time, all the time. Rhian helped me see that there is a more sustainable pathways to achieving my goals. This is something that I have carried with me outside of the gym, and into my personal life as well.

As a frequent traveler, whether for work or pleasure, I am able to take what Rhian has taught me and apply them to my workouts wherever I am (even if there are no training facilities around). She is pro-active in adjusting my techniques, and we work together to ensure that the exercises I am doing work best for my body. The techniques that have now been engrained in me have allowed me to prevent injury and train according to the requirements of my body. I feel confident walking into any gym or workout class because of the groundwork that Rhian and I have laid.

Another aspect of Rhian I admire is her drive to always improve in her line of work. She is consistently on the path of self-improvement, and she is able to pass on everything she learns through her research directly onto her clients. I feel confident that she is providing me with the right solutions.

On a personal note, Rhian has stood by me through challenging times in the last few years. Seeing her every few days and spending that hour training together has transformed my mental and physical health. I am grateful that our paths have crossed, and I look forward to many more years of training together!

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