I started training with Rhian doing her “Baby and Me” classes when I was 3 months post-partum. Then, when I felt like I needed to be stronger and thought to try some personal strength training, she was a natural first call. Since training with Rhian I feel stronger and overall fitter. Training with her has really helped me feel like a better version of myself post-partum. Now on my second pregnancy, I am still training with her, and her workouts are really helping me stay strong, keep my energy up, and keep the kinks and pains of pregnancy at bay. Her knowledge and training guidance during pregnancy clearly shows her expertise, and I really feel like I am getting a solid yet safe workout with no compromise just because I am pregnant. I was never really keen to start personal training, but training with Rhian has totally changed my perspective; I wish I had started a long time ago!

 Abha Malpani

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