Funnily enough before Rhian became my friend and personal trainer, she was actually my nutritional consultant and coach. I had come across some stunning photographs of her fresh out of a body building competition and what struck me was NOT her jaw dropping physique but an emotional post she’d written to go with the pictures about her journey and her discipline when it came to eating right and nourishing her body .

Previously I’d had quite a love-bae relationship with food and worst of all, I used food to reward myself when I’d been good ie starved myself and then deprived me when I’d binged on junk food. It was awful and as a result my body never really took the form I wanted despite ridiculous hours a week training and working out in the gym.

Along came Rhian . Armed with a knowledge of my crappy eating habits and that I was a diagnosed PCOS she swiftly drew up an eating plan for me complete with all the macros and micro nutrients AND with the exact amount in grams for all. I kid you not, that was 3 years ago and I haven’t stopped since. I only love food today 😃❤️ I eat to nourish my body for it to grow stronger and healthier and replenish the stores I deplete in my daily life. Her advice on food is spot on and honestly I am so grateful and thankful that I embarked on this journey with her unquestioningly. She completely debunks all the bullshit food myths that are out there and encourages you to embrace good wholesome diets that are extremely long lasting and change your habits completely. I mean I never thought I’d be excited to eat spinach for lunch but today I’m over the moon thrilled 😃

My body has NEVER looked better and if I were you, I’d stop your search for a nutritionist right now and START WITH RHIAN. You’ll thank me and of course her in a few weeks’ time 😉D


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