This class was an absolute lifesaver. I trusted Rhian immediately, as she was a mum too and could demonstrate exercises using her own little one, was clearly a fitness expert but with a passion for helping other mums get their own fitness back.

I am a first time Mum and I moved to Dubai with a 4 month old baby girl after having had a c-section. I had really gotten out of the habit of working out and by the time my daughter was about 9months old I knew it was time to start doing something. 

As I don’t have any family here or a Nanny, I needed to find something that I could do with my baby, enable me to do a workout safely with her and learn how to safely work on building back my strength in my core, abdominals and lower back. 

The surprising part was having the opportunity to make new friends, bring other mums I met with me too and having fun working out with other mums and their tots too. Our class grew and it was amazing to see us pushing ourselves more week by week physically but also seeing the children grow and play together more and more. Thank you for providing such a nurturing, safe, happy place to start my fitness journey. I highly recommend you try it too xx

Emma and baby Alexandria

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