The Baby & Me classes were my favourite part of the week when I was on maternity leave.

I love keeping fit but had struggled to fit this in around caring for my baby and didn’t really know where to start with post pregnancy fitness.

Rhian was so welcoming and helpful and put me at ease straight away.  She made sure that I started off at the right level and didn’t over do it. She showed me the correct bending and carrying techniques and made sure we focused on areas such as pelvic floor. The exercises were targeted at the areas that I had been worried about post birth,  and really helped me regain my strength. Each week I was able to see that I was getting back into shape and surprised myself with what I was able to do.

I loved being able to bond with my baby and my favourite part was always putting her in her sling and exercising with her strapped to me. We both had so much fun! I loved being able to meet other mums and it was great that Rhian had been through birth herself and had Seren with her. I had a lot of faith in her knowing that she had similar experiences and understood what it was like getting back to fitness post birth.

I would recommend the class to any new mums and I am gutted that I can’t attend any more!


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