Without reservation, I can say that sitting on the “roof of Africa” has to be one of my best experiences and greatest achievements. From the lush tropical jungle to the mountain tundra, as I encountered the four seasons on the journey up Kilimanjaro to Uhuru Peak (standing at a majestic 5,895 metres), on this extraordinary journey, I went through every emotion I am capable of feeling.

With the constant encouragement of Rhian as our leader, under the watchful gaze of our experienced guides and surrounded and supported by the many untiring, beautiful and ever-smiling porters, as a team, we climbed. Laughing and crying, singing and stumbling, we climbed. Through sun, moon, wind and rain, we climbed. Until all of us together and yet all of us alone we stood on the roof of Africa in wonderment, humbled and blessed.

What a magical adventure, what a beautiful experience!


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