Would you recommend Rhian as a coach for the courses? 

Absolutely, Rhian was paramount in me passing and understanding the course and its content and she was an excellent example of how to teach students to understand and pass the course, could not have been happier if I’m honest

Did you feel supported through the duration of the course? 

All the way through via meet ups and whatsapp and I knew I could always rely on Rhian to offer me the support I needed.

Did the Level 2 Course motivate you to continue in the fitness field? 

Absolutely and had it not been for Rhian I would have not done level 3 as she is someone to look up to and I admire what she does 

Do you feel confident to use the knowledge gained through the course in your role as a Personal trainer? 

Yes and I have been teaching some clients and feel very confident based on how well the course went.

Did you feel the content of the course was teaching you to become a professional, high standard trainer? 

Absolutely, really impressive high standard.

Did you feel the course was organized?

Yes it was clearly set out with dates and times at the start.

What do you think of the online learning system alongside the practicals and meet ups? 

Brilliant and easy to use 

Did you learn all you expected to learn?

yes and more! 

Would you recommend this course to others?

I have done so already!


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