Would you recommend Rhian as a Coach for the Level 2 course?

I would absolutely recommend Rhian as a coach for the course. She is extremely knowledgable, approachable and really made me feel at ease whilst learning new things. 

Did you feel supported through the duration of the course?

I did feel supported. Rhian was very good at replying to any queries in a short time period and made the effort to accommodate different schedules of the learners. 

Did you Level 2 Course motivate you to continue in the fitness field?

I definitely do feel motivated to continue and have moved on to Level 3.

Do you feel confident to use the knowledge gained through the course in your role as a Personal trainer?

I do feel confident yes. I feel I have all the tools necessary to begin gaining practical experience.

What do you think of the online learning system alongside the practicals and meet ups? 

Very effective and allows for flexible learning.  The course was organised mutually with the participants and dates were decided and arrangements were made in good time. The course was spread out well over weekends and everything was flexible, which for me already in full time employment is absolutely necessary. 

Did you learn all you expected to learn?

Yes I think i was well prepared to commence Level 3

Would you recommend this course to others… Absolutely


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