Having close family members who are obese, unhealthy from the inside out, had been and will always be a nightmare for me. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of being healthy to be able and capable, being healthy to accomplish, and being healthy to pursue. This was all in my teen years and 20’s. Now, in my 30’s, with two boys under 4 years old, I need to be healthy and strong for myself, my husband and my children.

I made a habit of enjoying clean eating and give the nutrients my body needs. I yoyoed for a while in my first pregnancy, my second was so simple, I had a clear understanding of how my body was working.

I met Rhian right after my second baby, she made things so simple, in an order and clear. We started 1st of December 2017, with a diet that could help me shed off baby weight and get ready for upcoming marathons on 2018. She is positive person, and never gives up easily on her clients. I love her training techniques, knowledge, communication, compassion, and passionate about what she does, it kept me going to every session.



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