I didn’t work out in my last two pregnancies but with this one I had one-on-one sessions with Rhian and with her help and training I feel stronger, happier and have improved my technique.

I was very body conscious especially since becoming pregnant with my third but since having the sessions with Rhian I feel so much more confident and happier in my own body.  I’ve come to learn the importance of weight lifting for fat burning which I never knew before as I always thought the key to fat burning is a lot of cardio.
Moving to the UAE made me gain weight due to the food culture, the sedentary lifestyle and lack of pedestrianised roads so I had to make an extra and conscious effort to eat healthier and exercise. I now look a lot more toned  and my clothes feel less snug on me.

I feel a lot stronger especially when carrying my 21 month old baby.

My sessions with Rhian are perfect! 

Sarah Bighatti/Aljbori 

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