It was great to have Rhian taking us through the course with Bodyhack. Not only is she extremely knowledgable in the pre/post natal field, Rhian’s teaching is also coming from her personal experience with fitness through pregnancy, and seeing her teach the course while pregnant was really inspiring. As a fairly new trainer, I am working my way through a range of courses so that I can be adaptable and trained to teach a wide range of clients safely, so having experts in the field to pass on their experience is incredibly valuable. 

I enjoyed Rhian’s approach to teaching – a nice mix between theory and practical, as well as having a fun, light-hearted and approachable manner. It was an enjoyable two days, and I am happy to be equipped with more information on the subject, keeping me up to date as a pre/post natal Pilates trainer.

Thanks Rhian!

Sarah Zakzouk 

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