I have been training with Rhian for about 7 months. I was always apprehensive to push myself at the gym because of an injury that happened 10 years ago. However after a few sessions with her encouragement, I realized I was stronger than I thought and I really enjoyed trying new exercises and lifting heavier weights. A few weeks ago, I had a back spasm. While it did discourage and upset me initially, I found that because I had become stronger and fitter through my training, I did recover much faster than I would have done a few years ago. Rhian supported me through the injury, working with me to perfect the exercises given by my physio, and adapting training sessions so I could still stay fit even though my movement was compromised for a few weeks.

Overall I cannot recommend Rhian enough, each session is different and well thought out, and I have never looked at the clock waiting for it to end because I am always having fun! 

Suman Menda

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